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Puzzle Builders is a group practice of behavior analysts who have come together to provide the most effective, affordable and evidence-based ABA services in South Florida. At Puzzle Builders, our mission is to provide individualized and effective support, based on the science of applied behavior analysis, to autistic people and people diagnosed with other related developmental disabilities. 

With a combined 40+ years of experience, our primary goal will always be to put the child’s needs first and create behavioral programming that will enhance both their lives and that of their families. Puzzle Builders specializes in tailoring behavioral interventions to the specific needs of the child and uses evidence-based procedures and treatments derived from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. 


As a team, we feel very strongly that every child has the ability to learn and it's our role as behavior analysts to find the best method to make that possible and ensure that our clients grow to be as independent as they can be. Our therapy plans vary depending on the child's needs and abilities; however, the goal is always the same: create programming that teaches necessary skills, improves concerning behaviors and provides learning opportunities for the family. Here at Puzzle Builders, it is one of our core values that every child and family should have access to quality ABA therapy and it is our goal to support and reach as many families as possible.​



Tatiana Alba, BA, BCBA


Tatiana started in the field of ABA in 2007. She graduated from Florida International University in 2008 with two Bachelor's degrees, International Relations & Psychology. She obtained her BCaBA soon after, and worked as a BCaBA for a bit over 10 years gaining experience in a number of settings and with different populations, supervising clients and staff, and providing support to families.


In 2020, she graduated with her Master's Degree in Education and Curriculum Planning with a focus on Special Education and obtained her BCBA certification. Tatiana has experience working with children in their homes, communities, schools, and in clinic-based settings. She has participated in various workshops and training seminars locally in Miami at different schools and universities disseminating information to others (students, teachers, and administration) covering an array of topics related to ABA and ethical practices.


She has also worked abroad in Central America bringing ABA methodology to schools and communities including creating ABA based teaching protocols and curriculums for elementary classrooms. Her experience with children includes working with children who have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, ODD, Downs Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and MPS, among other diagnoses.


She consistently strives to build effective support tools for families that will lead to healthier relationships between her clients and their families while providing space for clients to grow to their full potential in a supportive environment.


Mirella Benavides, MS, BCBA


Mirella has worked directly with kids since 2002 and in ABA since 2013 where she worked providing behavior therapy to kids from the ages of 2 to 18 years of age with varying diagnoses. Mirella became interested in ABA after her child was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.


During her early training, she had the opportunity to participate in an intensive ABA summer treatment program for autistic kids and train under doctoral level behavior analysts at Florida International University. In 2016, she graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a masters in developmental disabilities and a concentration in advanced applied behavior analysis and shortly after passed her board certification exam as a behavior analyst.


She has provided services in client’s home, schools, community, and center based. She also has experience in class managements skills and parent training. She enjoys working on the implementation of ABA techniques in the natural setting and teaching self-advocating skills.


Mirella is passionate about neurodiversity affirming practices that are client centered and mentoring future analyst in compassionate care.


Ivis Muñiz, MS, BCBA


Ivis began her journey in the field of ABA in 2002, sparked by the autism diagnosis of a close family member. She quickly became interested in learning more about ABA and immediately began working providing direct therapy to children and families.


Her passion was fueled by learning and the experience as a therapist lead her to pursue her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University in 2008. She worked closely with autistic people and their families, providing individualized therapy and support in many different settings and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2010.


Since then, she has provided supervision and caregiver support in homes, schools and clinics throughout her career and is passionate about using the science of ABA in a way that brings about the most successful outcomes for everyone involved in our care and mentoring future analysts to always keep the best interest of those entrusted to us in the forefront of all decision-making.

We’re always looking for qualified therapists to join our team.
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